Media monitoring

Everything of consequence that is written, recorded, or spoken in the Czech and Slovak media, all in one place. Arranged clearly, comfortable to use and updated in real time.

The Monitora app allows you to not only monitor media, but to and track and analyze them as well. It doesn’t just track the number of articles and mentions, it also measures their media impact. The system can then evaluate the results and compare them with your competition.


Monitora knows about a new online article within 5 minutes, so it offers the fastest real-time monitoring on the market. This allows you to know about the article first, which gives you an important information advantage.


Analysis and tracking

The output needs not only to be monitored, but to be tracked and analyzed as well. Monitora allows you to compare media impact or AVE of your outputs compared to your competition. Learn what articles have been shared the most on social media or in which source your competition shares their press releases the most often.


We monitor the most sources in the Czech Republic, so you won’t miss any articles. Also at your disposal is our media archive which includes picture previews of articles and which allows you to search for and work with outputs in all kinds of formats.

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TVR alerts

We don’t just listen to radio broadcasts and watch TV, we also monitor them with a machine. We’re the only ones in central Europe.

As soon as your director or spokesperson appears in a broadcast, we know it first. In minutes, you will receive a notification with a recording of the whole broadcast.


Well-arranged and relevant reports that you can send to any number of addressees. You can send reports to some colleagues on a daily basis, others just monthly. The system adapts to you.


Journalist Database

The Medialist module contains tens of thousands of writers and journalists in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and allows for advanced filtering, analysis and tracking. Medialist shows you the profile of the writer with a photo, their social media or official journalist profile. The profile also includes all of their articles, their classification and category.

Don’t send your messages blindly. Identify your target group of journalists and contact them directly.

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